[WAS] the story so far: born in baltimore, maryland, in '73... hernwood elementary, then old court junior high school... then to the park school (high school), then to brown for undergrad. then a 2-year stint at the tb/hiv research laboratory at brown, under the tutelage of dr. anne degroot, then... on to law school at harvard, where i spent most of my time being emotionally and spiritually broken, and serving as an affiliate at the berkman center for internet and society. [AM] i am now at Morrison & Foerster LLP in New York, practicing intellectual property/internet law (a member, from the start!, of the Technology Transactions Group) [FEEL] email / page me on my mobile (sprintPCS) / read my resume in .pdf format / read my horoscope [OTHER] lomo / tranq / artist network enterprises / old desktop (centris) / Rilke archive / doodles / first horoscopes for f.w. / ideal (james fenton) / photos from j_u_n_k / doe-eyed me... / a very old flyer for konkrete jungle / pat the bunny / steiner's drawing / ash wednesday (eliot) / broken dreams (yeats) [SLIDES] 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 [BUKOWSKI] x + x + x + x + x + x + x + x + x + x + x + x + x + x [PROPERTY] beinganalog.com / imodeonline.com [SITES] business and the internet (hls 97) / on microsoft / exploding internet (hbs 98) / business and the internet - the future of online legal publishing / legal problems of newly industrialize nations - the korean example / notes from winter '97 evidence class (nesson) [ALLIES] scott: mintgreen / natsue: pictures @ paul's place / todd: panapet + fashionwhore / dave: redbeast / mh: angels / glenmullen (former shrink): prozac backlash [PHOTOS] sarah / sun microsystems tattoo / my girl / bald gabu full of pain kissing tarepanda / boygirl / mom's aura / david bowman / mister sparkle / gabu (child) and his grandparents / nat and me / the last night of "arena" @ palladium / amber, me, amy, sarah / jay lee / jay and scott / lily / linda and meredith / louie m. and winston / jay and hamilton / langdell south / me and rashid / old me (8) / linus and paula / ayrev (rip) / the brooklyn bridge / dave and scott / dave, tj, and andre / debbie, rita, and shirley / fallen / glenn and sol / my cousin gregory / darth vader tattoo / langdell / another pic of lucia / many people me and juniper / me and bones / old me (3) / old me (4) / old me (5) / old me (6) / old me (7) / mike and yan / min hee, anthony, and jenny / mom and grandpa jake / nadia / nadja, annie, and time (!) / 79 north seventh (williamsburg) / nyc (1) / nyc (2) / rashid and scott / sara and teva / scott, nadia, and naima / teva / tim, jessica, chris, and mei / tim, scott, and me / tim killing scott / lucia / maika / maribel / old me (1) / old me (2) / mike s. and me / andre / chris and tim f / liquor [MUSIC] [][][][][][][][][][] first, if you please, listen to me (60 minutes of me spinning, 14MB... please bear in mind that i'm fucking awful at it but it's as fun as a day in hell...) [][][][][][][][][][] swayzak (minim) / kinetic records / throb [SICK] merck manual / about.com on health / webmd's condition center / healthshop.com's healthfacts [SELECTED PUBLICATIONS] meister ge, roberts cgp, berzofsky ja, and de groot as; two novel t cell epitope prediction algorithms based on mhc-binding motifs; comparison of predicted and published epitopes from mycobacterium tuberculosis and hiv protein sequences, vaccine, 1995, vol. 13, no. 6, pp. 581-591 / roberts cgp, meister ge, jesdale bm, lieberman j, berzofsky ja, and de groot as; predictionof hiv peptide epitopes by a novel algorithm, aids research and human retroviruses, 1996, vol. 12, no. 7, pp. 593-610 / de groot as, jesdale bm, meister ge, muni n, and roberts cgp; prediction of t cell epitopes for hiv vaccine development by computer-driven algorithm, in hiv molecular immunology database, 1995, bette korber, gerald meyers eds., los alamos national laboratories, new mexico, pp. iv17 - iv28 / meister ge et al, two novel mhc-binding motif-based t-cell epitope prediction algorithms: prediction of epitopes for six mycobacterium tuberculosis protein antigens, in vaccines 95: modern approaches to new vaccines including prevention of aids, r.m. chanock, ed., 1995 / de groot as, meister ge, cornette jl, margalit h, delisi c, and berzofsky ja; computer prediction of t cell epitopes, in new generation vaccines, 2nd edition, myron m. levine, graeme c. woodrow, james b. kaper, gary s. cobon, eds., marcel dekker inc., new york city, ny, 1996

"It's an emergent property of connected human minds that they creat things for one another's pleasure and to conquer their uneasy sense of being too alone."

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